Avoiding too many useless dates and names, I am always aiming to share my art and archaeological background combining it with other stories, rumors (old and new), tips, food and wine tasting, making every tour fact filled and exciting, keeping things simple yet entertaining. This is why I subtitled my web site “experiencing the culture of Rome”.

My half and full day tours are strictly private, designed for you, your family or your friends. I want to make sure you can get the best experience providing knowledge and caring.

I offer different tours and some are in-depth focussed (like Ancient Rome or Christian Rome) yet I will be happy to customise a tour based on your preferences or needs or other specific topics.

Depending on the itinerary, your preferences or the time available, my tours are on foot, by public transportations or by private car and driver.

Please, click on the tour you are interested in to know more about it or click on PHOTO GALLERY to have a preview of some of the places you will see.

To inquire about rates and reservations click on CONTACT ME. I will reply each request promptly and personally.

Contact: Paolo Lenzi  mobile: +39 347 6473813  e-mail: info@romanpaths.it