A bell tower sticks out in the Roman skyline: it doesn’t look either Baroque or Renaissance. Some Roman columns seem included inside an irregular brick masonry wall… Weird ? No, just mediaeval features.

3 hours - walking tour

Ancient ruins, Renaissance mansions, Baroque churches, XIX century apartment buildings and boulevards: but how about the Middle Age in Rome ? No evidences left of a period one thousand years long? There are plenty of them but you need to know where to go and look at: churches, steeples, houses, towers often included in other buildings or rearranged later.

A narrow wall, no more than three storeys high facing the street, provided with a tiny door; an archway right across the alley connecting two portions of the same house to let members of the same family live as closer as possible; an irregular porch built recycling Roman columns; a tower topped by a terrace erected to watch and defend the area around the house: these are the features to be caught when walking from rione (disctrict) Regola to Trastevere with a stop over at the Isola Tiberina searching for the evidences of the Middle Age in Rome.


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