Rome is magnificent and brutal at the same time...

The driving attitude of the Romans and a town plan which was never conceived to house so many people and cars together make more than advisable :

  1. -using crosswalks;

  2. -a double check before crossing;

  3. -not hesitating since you begin to cross;

  4. -be aware of mopeds.

When in Rome give yourself a little chance to change that much that will allow you to enjoy this city (“Do like Romans do”...) so:

  1. -slow down;

  2. -get ready for unexpected “experiences” (kick yourself and make things happen);

  3. -“get lost” in the labyrinth of alleys away from the crowd of tourists (you'll find your way back anyway...);

  4. -sit down in an outdoor café, sip a strong espresso and go ahead with people watching;

  5. -get the thrill to choose your place for eating depending on how many Roman or Italian speaking people are there;

  6. -feel free to ask questions to the locals and you will be answered with a louder voice (we think that this will help you to understand us better when speaking our “italiese” – Italian-English…);

  7. -buy a small bottle of water then don't throw it away but keep on filling it at the “fontanelle” (round shaped, iron made fountains): the water is always cool and safe;

  8. -rent a family bike in Villa Borghese and take a ride in the park;

  9. -Romans don't buy ice-creams by the street vendors: look for home-made gelato place or... ask your guide.

When you travel (especially with children) be sure to alternate intense and relaxed itineraries

When visiting museums and sites remember:

  1. -that some of them are closed once a week and it is advisable (or even mandatory) to make reservations in advance;

  2. -not to bring big backpacks or bags or you should be asked to check them;

  3. -tripods, penknives, glass bottles, scissors, long umbrellas are not allowed inside the museums;

  4. -a suitable dress code is requested when entering the churches (long shorts are now tolerated but shoulders and knees must be covered).

Rome is a safe city and its people are welcoming. Yet, like every metropolis, it’s better to take into consideration some advices:

  1. -put your valuables in the safe box of your hotel or in any other safe place;

  2. -carry only the cash you need and a photocopy of your passports (not the originals) with you;

  3. -wear your money belt;

  4. -be aware of pickpockets on buses and subway;

  5. -pay attention to your bags and pockets if gipsies approach you for begging;

  6. -avoid to walk alone in a park or other lonesome places at night.

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