*To ensure high standards and to protect the consumer, Italian legislation requires that tour guides possess a license. Many English-mother-tongue, who qualify themselves as long time residents and claim their knowledge in history, art, archaeology, are often not legally certified as they did not pass the severe tests set by local authorities to become Licensed Tour Guides. Please don’t trust them and ask for the license!


My name is Paolo Lenzi and I am a licensed* professional tourist guide of Rome and its environs.

In a “previous life” I was an archaeologist for more than ten years. Then, as I am very “chatty” and – according to my clients’ feedback – a people person, I decided to change and use these “talents” to introduce you to Rome, especially if you are first-time visitors.

A fourteen years long experience as a tour guide taught me how to cater for the tastes of individuals. As well as a former, five years long experience as a cub scout leader and a “daily” practice as a “daddy” make me suitable to satisfy the needs of families and children.


When necessary I cooperate with other colleagues, professional licensed guides with deep knowledge of history and art and a long experience in leading, people I really trust because of their warmth and communication skills. So, besides English, I can also provide tours in Spanish, French,  German, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

Contact: Paolo Lenzi  mobile: +39 347 6473813  e-mail: info@romanpaths.it