With his eleven years of experience as an archaeologist, we expected Paolo to be a knowledgeable teacher, and he certainly was. Who better to give us the history and context as we toured the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Vatican City? He described the life and times of Michelangelo before we entered the silence of the Sistine Chapel so we had a thorough understanding of what we were viewing and the story behind each part of the painting. He gave us the history of construction 2000 years ago as well as the many exciting and human stories of the Colosseum. He showed us the Roman locations of legends and works of literature (and even movies) we have all studied since we were children. He has stories for all comers; from sophisticated scholars to young children.

But that is not all. Paolo was our friend in Rome. When a sprained ankle presented an annoying challenge, Paolo arranged for a wheelchair, and he knew how to get in and out of the sights with it.  He recommended restaurants and called to make arrangements and get information when our Italian was not up to the task. He even arranged for a guide who was equally good to show us around Pompei when we left Rome.

Paolo made all the difference, turning what would have been an OK visit into a great Rome vacation.

Helen and Frank Macioce

May 2013

You made our trip to the Sistine Chapel so much more enjoyable than it could have been. I have a feeling it was rather frustrating for you as you obviously had far more knowledge than our party were able to take on board but you were able to give us insight and a small amount of understanding during our limited trip.

Helen Sturk

May, 2013

My wife and I recently made a trip to Rome, Italy.  Upon the recommendation of our travel agent, we engaged Paolo Lenzi as our tour guide to conduct our exploration of the many sites in Rome including Vatican City, The Colosseum, The Roman Forum and many other sites.  We highly recommend anyone touring Rome to consider Paolo's services.  Our trip would not have been the same without Paolo's expertise, passion and companionship. Paolo provided invaluable historical perspective & knowledge about the sites we toured resulting in a truly remarkable experience.  A+ !!!

David Ramage

April, 2013

In 2 hours Paolo took us through the Vatican. He keep my 2 children (8 yrs and 11 yrs) interested whilst giving them plenty of information.  He listened to their thoughts and questions and answered them with knowledge and patience.  He understood just how much information  they needed and how much they could take in. Paolo was my kids favorite guide in Italy.

Amanda Price

April, 2013


Thank you so much for showing us Ostia Antica. Like a veteran safari game tracker who is able to see the past in the present, you were more than a mere guide; you were the captain of our very own time machine.

Where today there are crumbled walls of bricks and mortar, your first-hand experience as an archaeologist transported us to a bustling city of polished marble.

Clay Williams & Mitchell Beckloff

April, 2013

“My husband and I have engaged Paolo as a guide twice-twelve years ago for my husband and myself; and this spring for our two daughters, ages 26 and 31, in addition.  On both occasions we felt more than satisfied with his services: he was, of course, prompt, prepared, knowledgeable, dependable.  He was also flexible, sensitive, excited by what there was to show us and a lot of fun. “

Alice Thornton (Saint Paul MN)

Easter, 2013

Dear Paolo,
Thank you for the wonderful tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, the Roman Forum and Coliseum. What a spectacular tour. I fully enjoyed all of it. My favorite was the Roman Forum/Palatino area. The history is amazing and I was surprise how much is still there to see.
You were a delight and did an excellent job explaining the history and details about what we saw. Priceless.
I look forward to visiting again very soon.

Sara Decker (Livonia, Michigan USA)

March, 2013

“Our family, including my parents and our two boys ages 7 and 10, spent 3 half days in Rome touring with Paolo Lenzi. Paolo did a wonderful job of showing us the key sites and the hidden parts of Ancient Rome that we would have never found ourselves. Paolo was able to help my boys look at a pile of ruins and bring Ancient Rome to life. Highlights for the boys included searching for hidden mosaics in Ostia Antica, imaging the gladiators as they were at the Coliseum and playing a game with stones just like Roman children would have played it. Paolo gave the adults a richness of background and knowledge while at the same time teaching and creating an interest in our children that made our visit to Rome very special. I would highly recommend a tour with Paolo!”

New Jersey mom

March, 2013

“Dear Paolo, 

Thanks to your expertise the visit to the Eternal City was more than we could have expected.  As I look over my photos, I relive your explanatory narratives especially our "lecture" in and on the Coliseum spectator seats.  I was so thankful to view on CNN television Pope Francis celebrating Mass in the Coliseum during Holy Week, I was sharing my knowledge of the Coliseum with friends. Also your tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum was spectacular, we learned so much detail about things that we would have just thought to be beautiful, I've looked at photos of the Sistine Chapel many times but now I can look for all the details you explained to us.  If ever we are back in Rome you will surely hear from us and we highly recommend you to others.

Regards from New York!”

Stephanie Carpentieri

January, 2013

"Paolo was a critical part of the success of our family vacation to Italy.  We spent three days with Paolo and he made Rome come to life for all of us.  Paolo kept my children - ages 9, 8 and 6 engaged and excited while learning about the history of Rome and the surrounding areas.  I had been to Rome numerous times and saw much more than I had in the past and learned a lot during our time with Paolo.  He gave so many interesting back stories about the gladiators and the treatment of enemies in Michael Angelo's paintings.  We visited the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Ostia Antica, the Catacombs and the Vatican.   Most importantly, Paolo was easy to be around and we all really enjoyed his company and the wealth of knowledge he was able to share in an entertaining and engaging way.  He was the highlight of our trip to Italy."

Maureen Fitzgerald

September, 2012

Dear Paolo

You insightfully narrated Roma’s beauty, mystery and history. You were at once a master story teller and teacher. Through your eyes I saw and fell in love with Italy.

Susan Kaplan

August, 2012

“The weather is magnificent. Full days out touring. Paolo is excellent”

Donald Sprague

May, 2012

Dear Francesca,

We had two wonderful days with Paolo!  He is so knowledgable and he made ancient Rome come alive for us. He also has a great sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with him. Thank you for arranging the tours.

Michele Boccalatte

April, 2012

I have worked with Paolo for several years now for my clients who need an excellent guide in Rome.  He has made the city come alive for all of them, greatly enhancing their visits and helping to create wonderful memories.

Pam Ashenmacher
Ashenmacher Travel (Knife River, MN)

February, 2011

Lesley and I would like to thank you for making our trip to Italy special. Your guidance and expertise can’t be matched !  Rain and wind were the words for the rest of our trip but it still was great. Hope we will be able to see you sometimes in the future.

Bob & Lesley Walter

June, 2010

Dear Paolo,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
"Paolo is the perfect tour guide! His deep knowledge and passion for history make the experience one that will last a lifetime. He is the best there is without a doubt. I highly recommend him!"
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Rick Basso

January, 2010

Paolo Lenzi has been an excellent resource for families and individuals visiting Rome. He has a very engaging manner and is ideal also with children and young adults, making the city of ancient Rome come to life during his tours.

Paolo is also very punctual and detailed and assists in putting together excellent itineraries.

Simonetta Brandolini d'Adda

The Best in Italy

Florence Italy

January, 2010

I have used Paolo services for many of my VIP clients including "Honeymooners".

Paolo will do and has done what it takes to give my clients exactly the kind of experience and the quality of service that they were expecting when they trusted me to take care of their travel while in Italy.

I will continue to use him for my VIP clients for their personal guide with the utmost confidence.
Your Partner in Travel

Jan Morris (Peak Travel Group, San Jose CA)
January, 2010

Kelly, the name of the Vatican Tour guide we LOVE....is Paolo Lenzi.  He is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide whom we have referred to many people...
I am cc-ing him on this email so he will know you are contacting him for a possible tour when you are in Rome in June. 

Judi Zitiello

December, 2009


Thank you so much for your wonderful tour; it has been my dream to see the Vatican City for many years and I do not feel that we could have had a better guide than you. It was very interesting to hear the history of the artwork and the biblical themes that were represented. What beauty the Vatican holds.

Thank you again for all; for the great bite of lunch at your friend's deli; he was very gracious to us.

We hope to be seeing you again.


Kathleen Winsor

November, 2009

Dear Paolo

You were our wonderful tour guide while we were in Rome in 2008.  My family and I are going to be traveling to Prague in November, and I was wondering whether you knew of any tour guides in Prague that you would recommend. Thank you

Vicki Patman

October, 2009

Dear Antonella, just wanted you to know that our guide Paolo Lenzi was very good.  With a background in archaeology and a life long resident of Rome he was an excellent choice for us.  His English is excellent and we had a very informative time with him.  Do not hesitate to recommend him in the future.  We have already told several of our friends to contact him during their stay.  Hopefully they will so they don't miss out.
Thank you for this wonderful referral.

Marsha Miller

October, 2009

My family and I hired Paolo as a tour guide for our trip to Italy. I spent some time with Paolo, via email, planning the trip over a period of six months. He was great with his suggestions of what to see in our limited time. We were a party of four - two parents and two teens. Paolo was with us for four days in Rome. It's hard for me to say what we liked most about Paolo since he is so fantastic. His knowledge of Rome, its history, the archaeology and the people are without compare. Our trip would have been so much less without his insight. One thing I am very grateful for is his flexibility and recommendations. In particular, was his "add-on" to our day at the Coliseum. At the last minute, he suggested walking a short distance away to visit the Basilica of San Clemente. I think it was the highlight of our time in Rome! When we left Rome and travelled on to other cities, even our teens commented on the other guides we had, "He's not as good as Paolo." I would highly recommend Paolo to anyone visiting Italy, whether it is your first trip or your 10th. He will add depth to your visit that you will carry with you forever."

Trish Kakenmaster

June, 2009

Contact: Paolo Lenzi  mobile: +39 347 6473813  e-mail: info@romanpaths.it