The first contact with the city: to get her essence and enjoy her flavours

3 hours - walking tour

Piazza del Popolo and the "Tridente" offer quite a welcome to every tourist, introducing them to this part of the city centre where history, art and fashion melt together; the Spanish Steps is a real set of scenery world wide known; the Trevi Fountain requires a stop to toss a coin and dream for all those who fall in love with Rome; the Pantheon and its massive dome make you wonder and think about the competence of the Roman architects; Piazza Navona and its fountains are a stunning Baroque setting; Campo dei Fiori is the right place to experience the colourful and noisy atmosphere of a public market and enjoy a slice of hot "pizza bianca" (white bun) may be stuffed with some "prosciutto" (ham); Piazza Farnese, dominated by the large Farnese family's palace, partly planned and decorated by Michelangelo; Palazzo Spada and its famous "galleria", a unique trompe l'oeil designed and made by Francesco Borromini that still cheats your eyes and makes you wonder.  Give for granted to take some stops on the way to catch an extra art detail, to stand still and speechless in front of a painting by Caravaggio, to listen to another funny story that took place a few centuries ago.

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