A stroll along and across the Tiber to discover the old Jewish traditions and the most genuine part of Rome.

3 hours - walking tour

Put up on a brick pillar of Portico d'Ottavia a marble slab shows a rule: the heads of the fish longer than that slab must be stored for the city councillors (to make a tasty soup)...

Through the centuries, every night, the fish was sold here in a colourful and noisy atmosphere.

The Jewish community, settled in Rome since the II century b.C., moved here in the Middle Age and in 1555 Pope Paul V ordered to enclose this small area. Little survives of the old "ghetto", widely demolished at the end of the XIX century, yet you can still perceive a peculiar atmosphere.

Being born in Trastevere is still a matter of pride for the most genuine among the Romans. Separated by the river and outside the former city limits, Trastevere was a place were the humble immigrants coming from the colonies settled down. Along hundreds of years this was a very popular area, its activities mostly connected to the harbour nearby. Nowadays it's a trendy quarter but it still preserves a fascinating look. Narrow alleys, small squares, little churches, noble houses built recycling Roman pieces: Middle Age shows its features here more than in other quarters.

Since you are back to the Ghetto, it is possible to take the tour of the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum. The visits are guided by local, Jewish guides.

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